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Mr Bolatbek (Boka) and Mrs Asemgul (Asem) are founders and executives of Maral Expedition.

We are here to help you fulfill your dream holiday in Mongolia. our Tour package page is to give you sample program itinerary and budget range, hence it is not limited with ideas in this page. Let us know your interest, available days and your budget, we maximize your plan and do our best to meet your expectation.  Our family and team will treat you like like your family! The earlier communication is the best way to plan and organize quality service. Call us or drop message, write on chat box., there is no rule to find us!


All across Mongolia

Cross countries: Siberia, Altai Mountains of Russia –  Mongolia – China


Service offered: 

Tour planning advice, tour organizing, home stay and hotel booking (3-5 star) visa support, provide guide and vehicle, border and National Park permit, custom and budget tours, domestic and international airline bookings, University and college study linking, charity and development project assistance, partnership


Travel Types:

Hiking, trekking, horse and camel riding, Kazakh, Mongolian and Tuva family home stays, camping, mountaineering, biking, kayaking and rafting, fishing, archaeological and culture studies, filming, festival tours (Naadam, Nauruz, Tsagaan sar, Goden Eagle festival, Ailat Nomads Festival etc), ecotourism and bird watching.


Our certification:

Mongolian Tourism Association’s certified tour operator

Certified guides, drivers, cooks


Social responsibility:

We include some social activities to help vulnerable families, schools, dormitories, kindergartens, disabled children’s center, which we call “Giving Back or Volunteer work” as donation from income for our service to you. You can join privately to charity if you desire!

Languages Spoken:
English, Mongolian, Kazakh, Russian, Polish

Travelers hosted from:
France,Switzerland, Germany, Austria, US, Australia, Slovenia,  England, Russia, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Kazakhstan,  Singapore.

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Maral Expedition is travel planner and organizing branded name of Bayan-Auul Travel Agency (Баян-Aуыл XXK), which is a private, family owned company, founded in January 2001. Since that date, we have become known for offering various services to customers from all over the world under CERTIFICATION of Mongolian Tourism Association with yearly extension.

Besides offering you our traditional travel packages, we also excel into designing any tailor made tour package plans which can include adventures such as ice and fly fishing, trekking and mountaineering, cross culture study, archaeological research, photography and film making.

Our trip agenda and itinerary is so simple, if you want to design your travel differently, just let us know and we will make it even more compatible for what you have in mind.

There are presently few competitors offering services similar to ours. Our customers say we offer the best price and quality service in the entire local area.

​Bayan-Auul Travel intends to offer the service and knowledge a discerning leisure traveler seeks whilst on vacation, with the intention of seeing and appreciating the numerous sights in the area.

We understand our travelers’ commitment of coming to see our unique country and uncommon, beautiful places, so we always desire to make travel.


Bayan-Auul Travel Agency Founder

Asemgul – Customer Service Manager

Asemgul is a manager at Bayan-Auul LLC. over She has 20 years of working experience in tourism field and numbers of local community development projects as well. Speaks Kazakh, Mongolian, English and Russian.

Maika & Jintu – Guides

Maika and Jintu help visitors translating and guiding to the city and countryside as well. They speak Kazakh, Mongolian, Turkish and English, Polish and Spanish. Maika is our representative in Poland, graduated from University with International Relations BA. Jintu is studying Information Technology and Software In Almaty, Kazakhstan. They both qualified translating and guiding travelers through the agency.

Janaka - Experienced Driver

Janarbek – Driver

Janarbek likes to drive his Land Cruiser Jeep and is very skilled driver with driving experience about 20 years. He is originally from Tsengel soum, which is unique with its wild nature and he enjoys spending time with travelers in his home land.

Bolatbek – Founder and Executive Director

Bolatbek is a founder of Bayan-Auul LLC since 2001. Majored in English & Russian language teaching. He has over 15 years experience of working in community resilience and livelihood, child and family development and tourism field. He excels develop travel programs and organize tours for visitors from all over the world. Likes fishing and traveling.

Sarah – an excellent cook

Sarah lives in Olgii city. She brings her excellent skill to make delicious meals including Kazakh, Mongolian, Uyghur traditional dish. Meals served by her always appreciated.

Bakhit – An experienced Driver

Bakhit has 30 years of driving experience. He know area, roads, community very well and master of off -road adventure.He enjoys taking people to beautiful places of western Mongolia in his 4WD Russian Van.